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Where is Istanbul Photography Museum? How to go to Istanbul Photography Museum? What is the history of Istanbul Photography Museum? What are the entrance fees for Istanbul Photography Museum? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Istanbul Photography Museum with us. Pleasant readings..

About Istanbul Photography Museum

Turkey’s first photography museum, the Friends of Photography was founded by Fatih Municipality in collaboration with the Association. It is located in the Kadırga district near Sultanahmet, where there are palaces and distinguished settlements in the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, with the monumental mosques and civilian architectural examples of Mimar Sinan, which has a special place in the historical face of Istanbul, around the medieval time square. The museum consists of five photo galleries, a photo archive and a library in an area of ​​one thousand square meters allocated by Fatih Municipality in the Kadırga Cultural Center building. This museum, which has been the dream of photographers for many years, is managed by the Friends of Photography Association.

The Kadırga Cultural Center building, which was allocated by Fatih Municipality to the Photographers Association within the scope of the Istanbul 2010 Cultural Capital Istanbul project, was renovated during 2010-2011. It was opened as a museum on 19 November 2011 with the special efforts of Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir. There are 4 60 m² and 1 260 m² galleries in the museum. In these galleries, 118 meters of light path and 120 professional exhibition lighting were used.

Istanbul Photography Museum; With its collections, exhibitions, publications, photo archive, library, events and projects and trainings for the development of Turkish photography art, it aims to provide a brand new cultural service to Istanbul.

Mission of the Istanbul Photography Museum:

  • Supporting our photography art and contributing to our art taking its place in the world.
  • Introducing a new and fresh look to the viewer, while allowing talented photographers of all ages and backgrounds to show themselves.
  • Bringing brand new stories to the viewer and increasing the interest in the art of photography by bringing the people who make a difference with their different views with the audience.
  • Supporting documentary and project photography and encouraging awareness of photography art.
  • To bring together photographers and photographers who will form the visual memory of our photography art.
  • To give a new and printed archive to our photograph.

Take a historical journey with photos

The photo in Istanbul has a house! The first photo museum of Istanbul, which opened in November 2011 in Kadırga, one of the districts that still preserve its historical texture, welcomes its visitors in a white mansion suitable for the texture of the district. From the moment the first photograph was acquired, the museum, which you will witness to the history of the photograph, and to date, is a library for photography lovers.

You can reach the museum located in the Kadırga district near Sultanahmet by going downhill from Çemberlitaş towards the sea. When we enter the museum, we first draw our attention to the gigantic German-made camera of 1951 and the “History Strip” section where we can watch the history of photography chronologically. Which is regarded as the beginning of photography in the beginning strips 1826, 1839, photo Ottoman Empire’s official publication in the calendar-i Vekayi organs “art strange” the photo in Turkey together with the announcement as it has survived through the process by which you can see a detailed manner.

The museum has five halls, four small and one large. Two of the halls have fixed exhibitions, while the other three have exhibitions that change periodically.

While continuing to the historical strip, the photographs of the “Classics” collection, which is one of the continents of the museum at the first door on our left side, and the photographers from the Banu Vargı Tümay Collection, another constant of the museum at the second door on the left, welcome us. In the “Classics” collection prepared with the support of Çetin Nuhoğlu, we watch the works of important photographers raised by our country such as Ozan Sağdıç, Ara Güler, Coşkun Aral and the founder of the museum, Gültekin Çizgigen. In these two rooms, the history of photography in our country takes place in our memory with periodic examples.

In the changing exhibitions of the museum, we can visit the exhibition “Ozan of Photography” by Ozan Sağdıç, who has 60 years of photography history, and “An ‘Jazz’” exhibitions where Sedal & Sedat Antay brings together the photography and jazz music harmoniously.

After visiting the museum, I would definitely take a look at the library of the museum, which has a large photo archive. Important collection albums of Turkish photographers are among those you can access in the library. You can also buy the books of the museum from the library.

Visitor Days and Hours: Except Monday, it can be visited between 10:00 and 18:00.

Visitor Fees: Full: 3,00 TL – Group Ticket (minimum 10 people): 2 TL – Discount: 1,00 TL.

Children aged 14 and under, disabled people and a companion, visitors over 60, press members are free.

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