Iasos Ancient City

Iasos Ancient City

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The Ancient City of Iasos, built on a peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides, is located in the center of Kıyıkışlacık Village.

Iasos, 28 km from Milas. It was built on a peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides in Kıyıkışlacık Village at a distance. According to mythology, it is said to have been founded by people from Argos and got its name from the head of the colonists, Iasos. B.C. Until the 5th century, there is no information about iasos in the old sources. While the area where the city was founded was an island, then the fiord where the island meets the sea is filled and the island has turned into a peninsula. Important buildings of the ancient city are located on this peninsula. The big wall, aqueducts, tombs and the so-called fish market are located outside the wall. During the excavations in Iasos, the oldest settlement in the city BC. It was determined that it reached until the end of the 3rd millennium.

Some of the columns in the ancient city had embroideries. The details made with neatness… The ruins that produced natural sea shells in places did not make me think that this magical place might have been submerged once! According to a rumor; 3 thousand 600 years ago, 200 km. Tera Volcano on Santorini Island in Greece exploded away and then the ancient city of Iasos was under ashes.

The musician who once visited the city gave a recital in the theater. During this recital, when the bell sounding that the fish market was opened, everyone, except for the old man who took his hand to his ear, jumped out and left the theater. “I owe you thanks for your respect for me and my art because all the listeners who heard the bell sound went away,” said the musician who came to the old man. “What?” The old man, who heard this, shouted, “Or did the bell rang?” Yes, why? ” “therefore, with your permission, sir…”and vanish. Strabon tells this story to indicate the fascination of the Iosians who could not buy products from fertile soil. Following the siege of Miletos in 334, Iasos donated a ship to the Persian navy trying to help the city.

Ten years later, there was an Iosos named Gorgos under the command of Alexander’s weapons warehouse in Ekbatan. Another Iasosian who was interested in Alexander was the boy who had a strange fate like being loved by the dolphin.

It was a tradition for boys to bathe in the sea after working at the gymnasium in Iasos. Meanwhile, the dolphin approaching the shore took one of the children on his back, took them to the open, and then left them to the shore. According to a narrative, Alexander heard this story, brought the boy to Babylon and made the priest of the sea god Poseidon. The people of Iasos, BC. In the coins issued in the 3rd century, they were affected enough to include the depiction of a child floating with his arm on the back of the dolphin. Regular excavations have been carried out by the Italian Archaeological Committee since 1960 in the ancient city of Iasos. As a result of these excavations, many artifacts were unearthed. You can enter the agora through an arched door. Built on the Roman Period, the four sides of the agora are surrounded by porches. Bouleterion structure is located in the southwest of the agora.

Parts of the Ancient City

Iasos Ancient City consists of many sections. Some of those; Agora is Artemis Astias Sanctuary, Theater, Fish Market, Zeus Mefitos Area, Mosaic House, Akrapolis, West Harbor Tower and Harbor.

Agora is the main square where citizens gather. It is reached by passing through an arched door. In the section where the grooves and small canals belonging to the Hellenistic Period are reached, finds from the Bronze Age period can also be found. Also here is the part where the Geometric Period Cemetery is located. Therefore, it is possible to talk about the presence of many altars and many different sacred structures in the vicinity. The ‘House of Parliament’ located in the southwest corner, BC. It was built in the 4th century and started to be used as a theater in the future.

Artemis Astias Sanctuary is reached when passing through the door behind the south portico of the agora. An interesting story lies behind the respect of this place. At any time of the four seasons, a single drop of snow or rain does not fall into the rectangular area on the ground of this place.

Another place of worship that is at least as important as the Sanctuary of Artemis Astias is the Zeus Megistos Sanctuary. It is located inside the East Gate of the city. From some inscriptions; It was determined that the area was managed by a strong priest school and Hera started to see worship besides Zeus. The building opens to a stone paved square with inscriptions and various votive bases.

It is possible to see traces from Neolithic, Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Young Byzantine, as well as Medieval, Hinge, Seljuk and Ottoman periods in other sections of Iasos. The sad situation is; the mosaics have been stolen. While a few were taken away in 2005, this number decreased well in 2009 and it is hard to come across a single mosaic now.

How to go to Iasos?

Depart from Bodrum to Milas. A little after passing Milas Airport, Petrol Ofisi has an immediate entrance from there. The sign says ‘Iasos 17’. You must first arrive at Kıyıkışlacık Village.

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