Homeros Valley


We will include extensive information about Homeros Valley, one of the indispensable places of İzmir. Homeros Valley, which is considered to have lived in İzmir in the 8th century BC, and is named after Homeros, the compiler of Iliad and Odysseia, is a wonderful recreation area to escape from the crowd of the city and relax.

500 thousand square meter Homer Valley, which does not spoil the nature of nature, uses endemic plant species specific to İzmir and contributes to the ecological structure of the city; It has become a natural wealth for those who want to get away from the busy life of the city.

Where does Homeros Valley get its name from?

According to the enthusiast, Homer lived in the cave in the valley in the bed of the Bornova Stream, which lies between the center of Bornova and Kayadibi. When this is the case, the name of Homeros Valley, which was flooded by the residents of Izmir and the surrounding city, was thus revealed.

İzmir municipality used the expressions as below:

“According to a belief of the people living here, it is assumed that there is a cave and rock formation in the lower part of the Bornova Stream and that the famous bard Homeros, known to be from İzmir, lived, and this valley was tried to be a center of attraction for the humanity of the world. It was put as “Homer Valley”.

According to a mythological legend, Homer lived in the cave in the valley. If archaeological finds related to Homer and his period can be revealed, Homer Valley Recreation Area can be a center of attraction in the world. Finding finds related to Homer and the writer of Odessa, Homer, will make a sound worldwide. ”

The area, which was developed in 2010 by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu in 2010, was also brought up as the “icon project of Izmir city history”.
7 km long Hameros Valley recreation area within the scope of this new Project; Apart from the rumored cave where Homerros lived, 18 ponds were built. In addition, approximately 70 thousand new plants were planted in the region.

There are 103 bird species in the Hameros Valley

This area in the Hameros Valley contains ponds, walkways, running tracks, bicycle paths, mini amphitheater and picnic areas in the valley covered with greenery. The region, where sycamore and acacia trees are predominant, varies between 650-12 thousand square meters.
According to the researches on endemic species in Homer Valley, it was determined that 182 plants and 103 bird species live in 54 families.

You can reach Hameros Valley by clicking here.

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