Hidden Paradise: Kursunlu Waterfall-Antalya

Where is Kursunlu Waterfall? How to go to Kursunlu Waterfall? What is the history of Kursunlu Waterfall?  What are the entrance fees for Kursunlu Waterfall? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Cartoon and Humor Museum with us. Pleasant readings..

Kurşunlu Waterfall is within the Aksu district of Antalya. Kurşunlu Waterfall, 22 km from the city center, is a nature paradise located in the Nature Park. The floor of Asia reminds of box forests with moss. Kursunlu Waterfall, one of the natural beauties of Anatolia, is a fascinating place with its natural beauties, nature and calm that are worth seeing.

Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park

This natural wonder of Antalya consists of 7 ponds poured from a height of 18 meters and connected by small waterfalls. The region, which was turned into a nature park in 1986, is a 33-hectare natural area, consisting of picnic areas, landscape watching areas, playgrounds, and walking paths that provide ease of navigation.

The walking paths in the 2 km canyon that goes on and on looks perfect. In the Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park, there are also eastern plane trees, laurel, carob, wild olive, gum tree, willow and fig trees in the area where red pine trees dominate.

On the Antalya-Isparta highway, the first place to be seen in the Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park within Aksu district; It is the “Historical Watermill” that was used for many years to grind grain by the villagers living in the region about 200 years ago. It is known that there were 10 mills around the waterfall, but only one has survived to the present day.

As you can have a picnic in the picnic area, there are tourist facilities, restaurants and various businesses within the park area. It is an ideal place to get rid of the sweltering heat of Antalya for a moment, to cool off and to breathe easily.

The place where the waterfall is located is covered with trees and you feel high humidity due to the lack of breeze. When you follow the tree-lined road going on the opposite side of the waterfall, you will go along the river and see the beautiful views. Although the plant tunnel-shaped track may prevent it a bit, it is easy and very enjoyable to walk. There is a cafe and restaurant at the end of the road.

Nature was very generous to the Kursunlu waterfall. Whichever side you want, you will want to take a picture. Almost all of the visitors take pictures or take photos with their phones and cameras. Every shade of green is in front of you, some places are just like emeralds.

Since walking routes are diverse from wooden platforms, bumpy soil or stone paths and wooden suspension bridges, it will be good to have walking shoes with you. There are landscape view terraces, picnic areas, gift shops, observers and ice cream shops, and photo studios in the region. There is also a car parking lot at the main entrance of the park. It is also possible to ride a camel in the parking area.

Information about Kurşunlu Waterfall

The area, consisting of myrtle, hawthorn, oleander, blackberry, wild rose, spurge, wild, spruce, germ oak, thyme, wild mint, record, fern and ivy, which form the sub-forest flora, has various aquatic plants.

Nature park is a tree species you can see in Taurus cedar or tar Tree, also known as Lebanese cedar, Sycamore, oak, considered among Turkey’s longest living tree species such as juniper and beyond the lifetime of 1000 year these trees as can be up to 40-50 meters its width can reach 2 meters.

These trees, which are mostly grown in a tropical climate, have a magnificent view. These cedar trees, which grew abundantly in Lebanon in time and remain scarce today, greet visitors from all over the world with their magnificent majesty.

Vegetable flora in the nature park with buckthorn, water mint, reed water chandeliers, thread green algae and water lilies from aquatic plants and wildlife is also diversifying. Wild boar, fox, rabbit, squirrel, bat, hoopoe, woodpecker, stepmother, carp, water turtle, dog, snake and lizard make up the animal fauna of the nature park.

Our Antalya city is in terms of its geographical location; It is a touristic region where diversity in tourism can be easily provided and alternatives to coastal tourism can be created with rich natural vegetation, wildlife associated with this vegetation, caves, rivers, mountains, plateaus, cultural heritage for thousands of years, infrastructure and superstructure opportunities.

How to get to Kursunlu Waterfall

Düden, Kurşunlu and Manavgat Waterfalls, which are used as a venue in the Turkish movie, can be easily reached by bus. Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park is located 22 km from Antalya city center. There is also a public transportation option that moves from the city center to the parking area that you can reach with your private vehicle.

The park is reached by a 7-kilometer road that separates from the Soğucaksu Bridge of the Antalya-Aksu highway in the north direction. When you enter the Antalya-Isparta road by following Aspendos Boulevard and Serik Street from Antalya city center, you will see the Kurşunlu Waterfall sign after going 5 km. When you curl slightly to the right and follow Kurşunlu Municipality Road, you will see the picnic area of ​​the park.

Kursunlu Waterfall entrance fee

Kurşunlu Waterfall entrance fee is 8₺ Student entrance fee is 4₺! Kurşunlu Waterfall hiking trail can be visited with a 45-minute walk. It would be appropriate to wear comfortable shoes for walking.

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