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Geyikbayiri is a worldwide climbing paradise. Right next to Antalya, the area at the foot of the Geyik Sivrisi attracts attention with its straight walls, the thousand routes opened to these walls and its magnificent nature.

Sense of trust is the determinant of rock climbing. While the athlete rises step by step along the steep wall that reaches into the sky, he entrusts his life to his teammate who takes his safety below. The rope they hold tightly in their hands connects them to each other and to life. The feeling of partnership and solidarity is very important in very few sports. Perhaps this is what makes climbing so special.

When we look from the outside, we first see the climber in front, but it is the unsafe safety man who allowed him to make these dizzying moves. Although there are mixed and difficult solo climbing techniques, rock climbing is actually a team job and is usually done with two people. First one climbs, the other takes safety; then the roles change.

I am carefully rising up in one of the routes of this rock climbing paradise in Geyikbayırı, Antalya. We share this excitement with Öztürk Kayıkçı, who provides my security below. Nodes, safety equipment, and that sense of trust connect us. I try to feel even the smallest indentation and bulge on the rock and hold on to them with the tip of my fingers and feet. The real masters of climbing are the squirrels that roam around me with an incredible speed. But their only concern is to return to the rock, their home, to reach and hide the ground, to take the acorns of the gray diamonds and the kermes oak. I am far from every detail of everyday life. At this altitude, only the hum of the wind and the sounds of birds rising from the forest lying all around.

Finally I complete the route and climb over the rocks. From that moment, my connection with the world is being re-established. My senses come into play; I start to hear, see, feel again. The smell of thyme fills my nose. Öztürk, before watching me from the sky to the earth, I am watching the view to the full: The forests that lie under me and where every shade of green blends together and the Deer Poin look amazing. I’m going to land soon. We will change places soon, we will be Öztürk rising to the sky patiently and I will be securing her below…

Geyikbayırı attracts attention with its natural beauties and fountains for visitors and residents in Antalya, and is an attractive breathing space right next to the city center. But this striking corner of the Taurus Mountains is also a true treasure that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world in terms of climbing sport. Geyikbayırı is ranked among the three most important climbers in Europe in the winter months and 10 in the world. Turkey’s largest and most important rock climbing routes in the garden of number Geyikbayırı already past thousand cases, while no one can predict how much will come up. Trails with different slope, height and difficulty levels appeal to rock climbers of all levels.

This rocky area, just across Geyik Sivrisi, one of the most important peaks of Beydağları, takes its name from the village of Geyikbayırı, 26 kilometers from Antalya city center. The village is an important center for those who are climbing, and the number of athletes who settle here and stay permanently increases.

The rocks are shaped by tectonic movements. The length of the rock walls formed as a result of vertical faults is approximately four kilometers; their height varies between 15 and 50 meters. The rock structure is predominantly limestone, but conglomerates are encountered in places. Limestone is quite strong, but climbers need to be careful about the possibility of the gravels that make up the conglomerate.

The potential of Geyikbayırı for rock climbing, in other words sports climbing, was discovered in 2000 by Metin Yılmaz and Öztürk Kayıkçı. Experienced climbers opened routes on the rocks without waiting for any response, rock blocks interspersed among the lush forests became the new favorite of those who are interested in this sport. Devoting themselves to this sport, Öztürk and Züleyha Geels Görkem have strived for the development and recognition of Geyikbayırı as a climbing geography for years. Labor seems to have given results, Geyikbayırı Turkey every year and attracts a large number of rock climbers from around the world. In recent years, some companies have started to support climbing activities here. The North Face comes first.

Ballıkayalar Canyon in Kocaeli, Hüseyingazi Rocks in Ankara and several other centers, was the main climbing places in Turkey before Geyikbayırı to stand out. Possible athletes could try different climbing routes when they went abroad. This style required a lot of material and effort, so the number of climbers could not increase. Sports climbing requires very little material, less time than required for mountaineering and appeals to a much larger audience.

Rock climbing started to be accepted as a sport branch in the world since the mid-1900s. Before these dates, it was seen as a sub-branch of mountaineering, an activity to keep the body fit when the mountains did not pass. Today, the number of rock climbers is expressed in millions. Sports climbing, which has a federation in many countries, will soon become an Olympic sport. Climbing on artificial walls in closed areas is performed on steep rocks in nature; The points fixed by experienced route openers by using steel dowels or chemical adhesives are climbed safely with the help of carabiners.

Challenging gravity and rising up to the sky like climbing a ladder can be scary when looking from the outside, but many people find this sport safer than cycling, rafting, paragliding, caving, ice climbing and so on. Because you are always secured with a rope and connected to life. Specially produced materials can easily withstand loads of tones when used properly. You only have to rise to the sky by relying on the materials and the person who takes your safety. There are now artificial rock climbing lounges in schools of many countries in order to increase muscle development, raise problem solving skills and create an alternative to other sports. Numerous gymnasiums add an artificial climbing wall to a corner.

Cities and towns with suitable geographical structure in many corners of the world see and support rock climbing as the most important branch of nature tourism.

The universities in the last decade, Turkey is also an artificial climbing walls. The main natural rock climbing centers in Turkey are as follows: Antalya Geyikbayırı and Olympus; Adana Çakıt and Anavarza; İzmir Resources; Manisa Sarıkaya; Denizli Kelkayalar; Niğde Kazıklı Ali Canyon and Cimbar; Eskişehir Karakaya; Bursa Narlıdere; Kocaeli Ballıkayalar; Adapazarı Geyve; Bilecik Gölpazarı and Pelitözü; Muğla Faralya and Dalyan.

The reason for Geyikbayırı’s tapering in such a short time is the suitability of its geographical structure, the richness of its tracks, its proximity to an easily accessible center such as Antalya. They should add to the natural beauties of the region. Because the athletes climb in the lap of a lush nature: Red pine trees, brown oak that you can easily distinguish with their long acorns, stalks and leaves are more spiny, oakyes, olive waters, olives, wildflowers, olives, wildflowers, wild waters, olives with its blackish fruits, eastern sycamore trees, blueberries with fruit and cake decorating… At higher heights include cedars, larch, tall and fragrant juniper, bush-to-length rosary trees, wig bushes and more.

In addition, while climbing in Geyikbayırı, you realize that a reddish eye is watching you with prying eyes. The rock swallow flying over your hill, the rock plasterer who tries to climb the rocks just like you but does this by bouncing easily on the handles, the tit looking for food among the oaks, the shredded tit, blackbird and other birds accompanied by the silence.

After all your preparations, all you have to do is to be one with this special geography, to mingle with nature, to go on an adventure. You choose your route from the guide book and lay your rope under the route with your partner. Probably there are other climbers on your right and left who have the same excitement as you. Magic moments start then. You are equipped with heavy equipment. First you wrap the seat belt around your waist, then put the magnesium-filled bag on your waist, which will increase friction and help keep your sweating hands dry. To create routes for experienced climbers, you get the express number of bolts previously placed on the buckles on your belt. The tension in your body is rising slowly, your heart is starting to beat a little faster. You are trying to calm down with deep breaths. Because staying calm and concentrating are the keys to finishing the route. If everything is ready, you are starting to rise by grasping the rock recesses and ledges by wearing your shoes that are too small for the eyes that people who have never climbed have difficulty in understanding…

When people meet the routes of Geyikbayırı for the first time, they wonder if it is really possible to climb these rock faces. The flat walls of the earth’s crust, which plays from gray to red, are astonishing and amazed. But as you gain experience as a climber, this sport becomes a lifestyle. The residents of Geyikbayırı village now see better that the climb contributes to the region economically and culturally. Geyikbayırı is mobilizing with rock climbing festivals held every October 29, on Republic Day. The number of climbers coming from abroad also increases during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Foreign climbers contribute to the opening of new routes and bring more athletes with them every season.

Winter conditions do not allow rock climbing in many regions. In this respect, Antalya’s mild climate provides Geyikbayırı a great advantage. Especially European athletes can continue their climbing here during the winter months. Geyikbayırı has been increasing the number of routes and climbers since 2000s. The careful opening and safe of the routes ensures that the reputation of Geyikbayırı spreads. The fact that there are many nature and cultural values ​​to be seen in Antalya and other sports activities in the environment are other positive points.

 Turkey’s many climbers now brings together all of these features and live near Geyikbayırı, began to share their experiences. This is a very convenient place for them to live their lives in nature and freely do the climbing sport they are passionate about. The beauty of the region also puts a responsibility on the athletes. Climbing areas are in the forest area that must be protected. There are also important ancient ruins nearby. Athletes are also very sensitive about nature protection, plant and animal continuity.

Apart from climbing, there are also things to do in eyikbayırı. Trebenna, the ancient city of Lykia, is one of the places to visit. The famous walking route Lykia Road is also very close. Geyikbayırı Cave is another discovery route. The total length of the cave, which is mostly dry, reaches 120 meters.

Geyikbayırı is a must see for anyone interested in climbing. This special geography is a unique address for getting together with important climbers from different parts of the world and to learn about nature and sportive climbing. Where else does it allow people to climb with squirrels and rock nuthatch?

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