Euromos Ancient City

Euromos Ancient City

You will learn everything you wonder about Euromos Ancient City in our article. Where is the Ancient City of Euromos? How to get to Euromos Ancient City? Photos of the Ancient City of Euromos. Euromos Ancient City entrance fee. Euromos Ancient City.

Euromos Ancient City is located on the right side of the highway, on the 13th km of the Milas-Söke highway.

If you are careful, the magnificent Temple of Zeus Lepsynos and brown signage showing the city’s location will make your job easier. ancient city bkk.

The Ancient City of Euromos was the second most remarkable city after Mylasa (today’s Milas), the region’s largest city. The city, which controlled the north of the Mylasa Plain, probably also held control of its neighbors Olymos and Kalketor. B.C. In the 5th century, the name of the city was pronounced as Kyromos or Hyromos. the ruins of ephesus. According to researcher Bilge Umar, the name Kyromos comes from the word “Karama”, which means “People of the Supreme Mother / Goddess of the Supreme Goddess”. According to George E. Bean, although the name Euromos means “strong”, it was most likely a result of the Hellenization policies that Mausolos applied in Karia when he ruled. ancient fenghuang town

B.C. Euromos and its neighbors also participated in the rebellion launched by Mylasa City against Rhodos hegemony in 167 because they were under the auspices of Mylasa. ancient city and erawan museum. In the same period, we learn from the inscriptions that Euromos and its neighbor Herakleia had a problem with Herakleia attacking Euromos and its lands and looting the city. tulum ancient ruins. Euromos, who complained of Herakleia to Mylasa, took back her goods thanks to Mylasa, who sent an envoy to Herakleia upon this complaint.

In another inscription found, it is mentioned that the Mylasians broke the treaty with Euromos and for this reason Euromos turned towards Rome and Rhodos. xizhou ancient town

Euromos, which developed and became rich with its independence, also had monumental structures during this period. muang boran floating market. Euromos as an independent city, BC. 2nd century A.D. Money was minted until the 2nd century. pingyao ancient town


Temple of Zeus Lepsynos

The temple, which can be seen by the house through the house highway, located outside the city, in the north of the Ancient City of Euromos, is one of the most stable ancient temples on Anatolia. Built in Corinthian order, the history of the temple was built in BC. It goes back to the 2nd century. It is known that the name of Ayaklı Village came from the temple. In the original form of the building, there were 6 columns on the front and back sides and 11 on each side. erawan museum and ancient city. Although 16 of these columns, along with the ashraviras, have survived, it is a magnificent structure. It was understood from the unbroken columns in the south and southwest direction that the temple was not completely finished. tongli ancient town. There are votive inscriptions on most of the columns on the north and west front of the temple. The inscriptions indicate that five of the columns were presented by physician and statesman Menekrates and his sister Tryphaena; He writes that all seven were gifts from statesman Leo Quintus. As a result of the excavations that started in 1969, the foundations of the altar in front of the temple were exposed and the pedestal where the walls of Zeus and the statue of Zeus stood were visible. visit ancient rome. During the excavations around the temple, many buildings, the building of which is thought to be included in a complex, have emerged; one of them, which dates back to the Late Hellenistic Period, and BC. Architectural pieces dating back to the 6th century have pointed out that this sanctuary began to be used earlier. thai ancient city.


The tower, which is 100 m from the temple and is a part of the walls, is one of the building ruins worth seeing. phoenix ancient city. The tower, which has a circular structure, displays a smooth cut stone workmanship. The thickness of the walls is around 2.5 m. The city walls, due to their craftsmanship, BC. It is dated to the 3rd century. ancient city ticket price.


The theater of Euromos Ancient City, which has reached very little today, is on the hill slightly above the plain and faces to the west. The five seating rows of the building, which can be described as a large theater, and the foundations of the stage building are now visible. hierapolis balloons.


The four sides of the city agora below the theater are covered with stoas, and some columns of the stoas are still visible. The agora has another stoa that was detected soon. The hard-to-read inscription on one of the columns in this stoa indicates that Kallisthenes helped the city and made a treaty with the city of Iasos of Eoromos. hoi an ancient town walking map.

Apart from these buildings, a bathhouse ruin from the late period and underground burial chambers are other building ruins worth seeing. the ancient city of ephesus.

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