Duden Waterfall

Duden Waterfall

You will learn everything you wonder about Düden Waterfall in this article. Where is Duden Waterfall? How to get to Duden Waterfall? Duden Waterfall. Duden Waterfall entrance fees. upper duden waterfall

Antalya’s natural wonder, Duden Waterfalls, is 10 km away from the city center and is located on the borders of Kepez district. The source of the waterfall, which is one of the most popular promenade places in the city, is Kırkgöz Mevkii, 20 km north of Yukari Duden Waterfall. If you want to see the natural beauties of Antalya, my advice is one of the first places you should visit.

The Duden Stream, which has disappeared from the ground and underground from the north to the south until the Lower Düden Waterfall, where it is poured into the Mediterranean, is a source of life along its route. More than 100 thousand people visit Duden Waterfall, which is one of the most visited natural beauties of Antalya. duden waterfall park

Information About Düden Waterfall

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most famous waterfall Duden Waterfalls, including Upper and Lower Duden Duden forming two separate waterfalls, natural sinkhole formations on the river. The point where the waterfall emerges is Karpuzkaldıran Waterfall or Yukari Duden, also known as Düdenbaşı. The point where Düden Stream pours into the Mediterranean is known as Lower Duden Waterfall.

When Duden Waterfall is mentioned, the Upper Duden Waterfall, which many people visit in Antalya to breathe, picnic and spend time on weekends, comes to mind. Down Duden Waterfall has been open to the public as a picnic and recreation area since 1972.

The Upper Duden Waterfall, where the horses of Alexander the Great, who conquered Pamfilya, the region between Lycia and Cilicia, in the east of Antalya between 334 and 333 BC, is also known as the İskender Waterfall.

Duden, as the meaning of the word, refers to the circular pit formed by melting in calcareous land. In fact, the sinkhole, which turns into channels that connect groundwater over time, is actually a geographical definition. The word sinkhole, which is associated with this waterfall due to its name to the Duden Waterfall, is a name used only by many people to describe this waterfall.

The water from the spring at Kırkgöz Mevkii, which is 20 km away from Yukari Duden Waterfall, which also contains rock tombs and caves that offer traces from the past, combines with the water coming from Pınarbaşı and goes underground in Bıyıklı Düden. The water that comes to the earth in the depression area near Varsak creates the Upper Duden Waterfall by offering a magnificent visual feast.

After the Upper Duden Waterfall, Düden Stream, which is divided into branches in the Sheep Regulator and moves towards the Mediterranean in the south direction, forms the Lower Duden Waterfall by the 40-meter high travertine sill east of Antalya city center and meets the Mediterranean.

Things to do in Duden Waterfall

Duden Waterfall, which is one of the frequent destinations of domestic and foreign tourists in Antalya, has a promenade and picnic area, a mini nature park, restaurants and cafes, gift shops and a lush woodland.

It is worth seeing the ancient rock tombs estimated to have been built between the 2nd and 7th centuries next to the children’s park located in the promenade area. Numerous plant and animal species that are part of the natural life of the region live in the Düden Waterfall Nature Park.

In order to protect this beauty of Düden Waterfall, which faces the danger of disappearing especially in summer due to global warming and unconscious water use, awareness studies of non-governmental organizations and environmental friends continue.

How to get to Düden Waterfall

It is very easy to reach Düden Waterfall from Antalya city center. Varsak buses and minibuses from the city center go all the way to the waterfall. The waterfall is within the Kepez Promenade Area, 1 km from Varsak and 10 km from the city center.

In order to go to Duden Waterfall from Antalya center by car, it is necessary to use the city’s Sütçüler Street and proceed in the north direction of the city. Depending on the traffic density of the waterfall from the city center by private car, it takes 20-30 minutes.

Duden Waterfall Entrance Fee

Duden Waterfall, which is on the list of places to visit in Antalya, is open to visitors between 08.00 and 19.30, 7 days a week. Düden Waterfall entrance fee is 3 TL. Museum Card is not valid in the waterfall. duden waterfalls opening hours

Duden Waterfall, which is on the list of places to visit in Antalya, is one of the natural beauties of our country as well as Antalya. Turkey’s tourism capital Antalya, which you can explore the many historical, cultural and natural beauty has.

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