Discover Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon

Where is Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon?

Fethiye is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to holidays in the Aegean. Fethiye is most famous for Ölüdeniz. Besides Ölüdeniz, it is also known for its Saklıkent Canyon, which is a historical and natural wonder. Saklikent is about 45 minutes from Fethiye. Although Saklikent Canyon is close to many historical sites, it was discovered 26 years ago thanks to a shepherd who lived in the region. In May, the melting ice-cold snow water in the mountains flows into this magnificent paradise hiding among the rocks.

The fascinating world of Saklıkent Canyon

Saklı Kent National Park is one of the most special places in the Mediterranean region. Due to the fascinating nature and unique beauty of the canyon, it has been declared a national park area. The park has become valuable thanks to the unique beauty of the canyon. Saklıkent National Park is a wonderful nature miracle worth visiting. If you come to Antalya, do not go here without seeing this natural wonder place.

When you enter the region for the first time, the canyon hidden in the rocks welcomes you. You will have to go over the rocks as you will cruise in the water in the canyon. For this reason, you will have a more comfortable trip if you buy it in the style of sandals or rubber sea shoes. If you have not brought with you, there are places you can rent or buy. When you first enter the canyon, you walk on a wooden road connected to the rocks.

A wonderful canyon walk awaits you with the ice-cold waters flowing beneath you. When you first look, the canyon water may seem very calm to you. However, as your steps progress, you will see that the intensity of the water increases and white foamy waters are formed. Even the desire and dream of swimming in this water is enough to excite people at that stage. As you continue your progress, a path to a tiny island will meet you. You will feel that you are starting to feel cold as you move further towards the water, among the rocks, in the trees, and the increasingly violent water. In this heat, such an opportunity does not always come to one’s feet. So enjoy it. We have already mentioned an island at the crossroads. Here is the island, frequented by people who love solitude and silence.

Although it is mid-summer and a temperature of 40 degrees, the coldness of the flowing ice-cold water numbs the feet of the person. With this cold, you will feel that your blood pressure will start to move suddenly. To go from the island to the main area where the canyon is located, it is necessary to go through the middle of the harsh water stream. There is a solid rope that goes all the way to the canyon so that people don’t get caught in the stream and accidents happen. You can cross the street by holding on to the rope. We hope you have bought spare clothes with you. Because you will get a lot wet while crossing the street. Also, it could not get stuck because of the rocks and get wet again. That’s why you should take spare clothing with you.

When you come to the canyon, that combative water leaves its place to a quiet flowing river. You will be able to walk more comfortably in this water. However, this time you will have an exciting walk between the rocks. In the past, the water hit rocks and gave many different shapes. This shows us the power of water. The rocks suspended between the two mountains seemed to fall on you. But don’t worry, those rocks are still intact. As the march progresses, the roads narrow. The roads are getting harder to cross. In this part of the trip, some people come back and some continue walking. The difficult hilly roads prevent you from seeing the sky after a while. But if you can go that way, a tiny waterfall welcomes you. You can spend time there under cool water. While returning, you pass through the rocks a little bit but I think it’s worth seeing.

Saklıkent Canyon Entrance Fee

Full entrance fee is 8 TL and student price is 4 TL. As we said in the article, there is a possibility that the rocks will hurt your feet. You can rent or buy rubber shoes from the area. If you buy, there is an average of 15 TL. If you want to rent it costs 4 TL.

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