Didim Altinkum Beach

Didim Altinkum Beach

You will learn everything you are curious about Altinkum beach in our article. Where is Altinkum beach? How to Go Altinkum Beach? Information about Altinkum beach. Photos of Altinkum beach. Altınkum beach entrance fee. Didim Altinkum beach.

Turkey’s warm most of the year and under the influence of a country undergoing sun. For this reason, it is possible to talk about regions in which summer never ends, even though there are four seasons in summer and winter. One of those regions is Didim. It will not be wrong to say that social life takes place at any time of the day in the town, which is one of the most popular places of tourism. Having a long and unique coastline in Didim has enabled the emergence of private beaches. Among these beaches, undoubtedly Altınkum Beach occupies a special place.

Didim Altinkum Beach General Information

The high sunlight and heat, which vary between 260 and 300 days throughout the year, primarily affect the entire Didim. However, it would not be wrong to say that special importance is attached to Altınkum beach. Because the region, which is constantly flooded by daily visitors, has a showcase feature. For this reason, municipal management also pays special attention to this region.

Altinkum beach is operated exclusively by the municipality. But we can say that every employee in the business is extremely polite and kind individuals. From this aspect, the wages demanded are also very reasonable. When we look at the price tariff applied last year, we see that the price of sun beds is 5 liras. Of course, the price is 10 liras with sunbeds and umbrellas. The price, which is very reasonable for daily rental, is a bit expensive for those who want to camp. It is also worth remembering that between 08:00 and 19:00 in the morning, the sunbeds belong to you.

Free Usage

Free sunbeds are available at Atakum beach. For this, you just need to lay your towel on ready made umbrellas and sun loungers. However, it is almost impossible to find vacant spaces in fully booked areas in the early hours of the day. Our recommendation will be to take your place on the beach in the early hours. Security measures are taken by the municipal teams in the paid and free parts of the beach. In addition, both regions offer life-saving services by the municipality.

The fact that the beach level is at an average of 50 meters walking allows the swimmers to open without any problems. Special rope is stretched to the dangerous part. In this way, unconscious opening is prevented. There is no obstacle for children to swim. Because average 50 meters of sea water does not exceed the knee cap. This means a unique experience for children.

The only obstacle to your restriction on your movement along the beach, which is 50 km in total, is the vehicle problem. If you lack the rental car or personal vehicle, don’t worry. Because it is possible to encounter a taxi rank almost every 5 km. The short distance has also made the prices extremely affordable. You can reach any point between 10 and 20 TL.

One of the most important issues on the beach is the situation of mobile sellers. Because, according to some, the advantage of the mobile seller, which creates disadvantages, is ended by the municipality as a ban on beach entrances. However, despite making sales outside the beach area, no precautions are taken. If you want, you can buy food and beverage from the restaurants of the municipality’s management or from the peddlers.

 Numerical Information About the Region

When we look at the area that Altınkum beach covers, it is seen that it is on an area of 1606 m2. Although it has an area of 1.5 km longer, it is still impossible not to mention the crowd. The most demanded and centrally located beach of the region stands out with fullness at all hours of the day.

The distance between Altınkum beach and marina is 3,300 m, so you will be able to swim safely.

Altinkum Transportation

Reaching Altinkum beach is as easy as reaching Didim. For this reason, the part after reaching Aydın by air or road can be done both by public transport and by rental car. It is also possible for those who wish to reach the region by commercial taxis.

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