Cedar Island (Cleopatra Island)

Cedar Island (Cleopatra Island)

You will learn everything you wonder about Cedar Island (Cleopatra Island) in our article. Where is Sedir Island (Cleopatra Island)? Sedir Island (Cleopatra Island) how to get there. Information about Cedar Island (Cleopatra Island). Cedar Island (Cleopatra Island) beach. Cedar Island (Cleopatra Island) eating places. Eating Cedar Island (Cleopatra Island). Cedar Island (Cleopatra Island). Where is Cedar Island

We have included information about this unique beauty island, known as Sedir Island or Cleopatra Island, with traces of many civilizations, and places to visit, entrance fee, visiting times and where and transportation information in our travel guide.

Information About Cedar Island

Sedir Island, a historical island, is mostly known for its Cleopatra beach. Cleopatra, who had a legendary love on the island, was given the name of the beach considering that it entered the sea.

The sands on the island’s beach and exposed by geological formations have been taken under protection. For this reason, it is forbidden to extract sand from the beach.

Sedir Island Places to Visit

A wonderful beach, a wonderful sea on the historical island, as well as a wonderful trip between the traces of legends and ancient civilizations await you.

Cleopatra Beach

The beach, which is famous for its story, is also famous with its sands. According to the legend, there was no sandy beach on the island, and for Cleopatra, who entered the sea, the great love Roman General Antonius brought sand from Africa with ships and these sands have been preserved to this day. However, it is believed that the sands were the result of very special geological formations. For this reason, the sands have been taken under protection. You are forbidden to remove the sand from the island.

A unique beach where you can enjoy the wonderful sea. Sun beds are free but if you cannot find a place, you can buy mattresses by paying a fee.

Ancient Theater

Another point to be seen on the island is the Ancient Theater. This historical theater has a capacity of 2500 people.

Kedrai Ancient City

The region where the Kedrai Ancient City is located has been declared as the first degree Archeological and First Degree Natural Protected Area. The ancient city carries the traces of many ancient civilizations. The name Kedrai means cedars in ancient Greek. The cedar tree used in the backbones of the ships is known to be abundant on the island.

Cedar Island Entrance Fee

Cedar Island Ruins entrance fee is 36 TL. You can enter the beach after entering the ruins. Museum card holders can enter free of charge.

Opening Closing Hours

WINTER 08:30 17:00
SUMMER 08:30 18:00


The summer period is from April 1 to October 1, and the winter period is from October 1 to April 1. The ticket office opens at 08:30 in the morning and closes at 16:30 in the evening. Open all days of the week.

Where is Cedar Island? How to go?

The island is located within the borders of Ula district of Mugla province. You can reach the island by boats departing from Camli Village port of Marmaris. You can also reach the island by participating in boat tours departing from Marmaris.


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