Cartoon and Humor Museum (Gazanfer Aga Complex)

Where is Cartoon and Humor Museum? How to go to Cartoon and Humor Museum? What is the history of Cartoon and Humor Museum? What are the architectural features Cartoon and Humor Museum? What are the entrance fees for Cartoon and Humor Museum? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Cartoon and Humor Museum with us. Pleasant readings..

History Of Cartoon and Humor Museum

The museum was first opened in 1975 by the Municipality of Istanbul in Tepebaşı with the initiative of the Cartoonists Association. The museum was closed on September 12, 1980. Since this building was destroyed, the museum was completely closed.

On February 27, 1989, the new museum was opened in Gazanferağa Kulliye, which is located adjacent to the Bozdoğan Aqueduct on Atatürk Boulevard, Saraçhanebaşı.

The Cartoon and Humor Museum has saved a cultural heritage that is the clearest documents of our social history from extinction. It reflects this experience with various activities. In addition, by contacting similar organizations in other countries, famous names of world cartoon art are introduced to Istanbul residents through personal or mixed exhibitions.

The Cartoon and Humor museum is worth seeing with the Humor Library and Archive, which is constantly evolving according to the contemporary museum understanding and therefore, can be watched and living constantly, with variable and interesting exhibitions opened in the exhibition halls. In addition, anyone can work in the original printing workshop with the help of a specialist.

Conferences, panels, small concerts and video shows are among the other events of the museum. The museum mainly consists of the following units;

Exhibition Halls

There are two types of exhibitions that complement each other in the museum.

Continuous exhibition: It is the main section where the phases that Turkish Cartoon has passed from the beginning to the present day are explained with examples and documents.

Variable exhibitions: It is the variable section where the works of dorm and world illustrators are exhibited and promoted. Here, at least one exhibition is opened every month.

Humor Book

In Turkey and in the world have been published or are published with cartoons, humor, and offered to visitors is the part that brought together cultural publications related to this issue.


It is the section where all original and reproduced works of domestic, foreign, old and contemporary cartoonists are collected and classified according to people, countries and subjects.

Printing workshop

In this workshop, everyone who is willing is taught original printing techniques by a specialist. The workshops are offered to the artists and collective exhibitions are opened with the produced works.

Address: Atatürk Bulvarı Kovacılar Sokak No: 12 Fatih İstanbul

Visit: Except Sunday and Monday, between 10.00 – 16.30

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