Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley

You will learn everything you wonder about Butterfly Valley in our article. What is Butterfly Valley made? Butterfly Valley how to get there? Where is Butterfly Valley? Butterfly Valley photos. Butterfly Valley camping. Butterfly Valley sea. Butterfly Valley entrance fee. Butterfly Valley camping fee.

If you chose Muğla and the Dead Sea as a holiday, you should visit Butterfly Valley. Butterfly Valley, which is perhaps one of the most beautiful and striking points of the Fethiye region, is a natural SIT area and no building is allowed in the valley. The name of the Butterfly Valley, which is made of a rocky and pine valley that is not touched by human hands, comes from butterfly flocks that surround the valley and offer a magnificent nature view. In this article, we will give information about what is needed for your Butterfly Valley visit and what you need to do.

If you go to the valley in April, you can see the scenery you will see after a little climb, but if you look carefully, or if there is any movement, you can see that thousands of butterflies get up and cheer the sky. You can get lost in this fascinating landscape and the silent yet exciting wing beats of thousands of butterflies.

Butterfly Valley History

B.C. Some ruins of the settlement called Perdicia of Lycia dating back to the 4th century are located just above the Butterfly Valley Canyon, and the village here is still known as Faralya with a name that reminds that time. However, the current official name of the village is Uzunyurt.

The gardening culture applied to the slopes has been handed over to Turkish nomads and has survived to the terraces, which were continued by the Byzantine and Greek settlers until the last times of the Ottoman Empire.

Brief Information About Butterfly Valley

  • Butterfly Valley is a canyon located on the outskirts of Babadağ (1970 m Anti Kragos), which has been identified by the World Heritage Foundation as one of the 100 mountains with urgent necessity to protect on earth.
  • The height of the canyon wall reaches 350 – 400 meters.
  • While the bottom of the canyon opens to the west in the form of a narrow triangle, a bright beach contrasts with the sea and the rocks.
  • The Tiger Butterfly Colony is located in the jungle in the waterfall section of the valley.
  • In addition to this species, which is mobile at night and gives the name of the valley, there are about 35 day and 35 night butterflies that can be detected.
  • These include endemic (lonely there) butterflies that make up a subspecies of Danaus Cripsipus.
  • It will be inevitable for you to feel that you are in the natural life again with its waterfall pouring from a height of 50 meters in the valley.

You will enjoy the conversation with your loved ones and friends, fun and the sea, and make discoveries in a different atmosphere in nature. Especially, it is called as a holiday paradise for those who keep the adventure and peace equivalent to rest.

What to do in Butterfly Valley?

The 300 meter long coastline of the valley has a magnificent water and beach for swimming. The beach is covered with stones that will not disturb you. After entering the sea and opening about 5 meters, the sea floor is completely sand. You can also eat and drink in cozy cafes on the beach with a tropical shore.

You can be sure that you will enjoy the valley, which takes its name from the Tiger butterfly. You will collide with butterflies every step of the way. You can capture beautiful shots or shoot videos. There are many different bays in Butterfly Valley. It is perfect for swimming with immaculate water.

As Butterfly Valley is in the status of natural protected area, both vegetation and sea creatures are protected. Therefore, when you dive, you can see hundreds of different sea creatures, and photograph these beauties with the underwater camera. You can get a great diving experience by having a clear view of the sea with the clarity of the sea.

Transportation to Butterfly Valley

The entrance of the valley consists of a 310 meter long coastline. For transportation, you first need to go to Oludeniz and take a tour to the valley by tour boats or a private boat that you will rent. During a half-hour sea voyage, you will see beautiful views on the Aegean coast of Muğla. This way, you can reach the Butterfly Valley beach.

However, for those who love adventure and nature excursion, you can come to Uzunyurt Mahallesi (Faralya Village), which is the closest point to the valley, by your vehicle and use the pathway located here.

You should know that these pathways are challenging at some points and challenging enough to cross the edge of the cliff and take about 40 minutes with a normal walk. As the path passes through the roads, there are ropes to easily pass through some points. To use this path, you should definitely use sneakers and have enough water with them. It is not recommended for families with children.

You can easily go up to the waterfall by using the pathway after the transportation to the valley. After this waterfall, they can enjoy the scenery and access to Faralya Village through a challenging and tiring pathway.

Where is Butterfly Valley?

Butterfly Valley is located on the skirts of Babadağ. The valley, which can be reached by moving from the world-famous Dead Sea resort in Fethiye district of Muğla, is about 8 km by road from the center of the Dead Sea.

Butterfly Valley Entrance Fee

If you do not go on a boat tour, a fee is requested to visit the valley because the valley is a private property. There is an entrance fee of approximately 6 TL per person. (2019)

Boat tours vary between 30 TL and 50 TL per person depending on the type of boat and tour characteristics in 2019.

Fundamentals Before Practice

You may experience electrical problems in the valley.

Those who want to see butterflies and take pictures should visit the valley in April.

People who want to walk the valley should buy shoes suitable for mountainous ground.

The boat should pay attention to the arrival and departure times and should not be missed. Otherwise, they may have to use paid bots.

Activities in Butterfly Valley

Cove Tour: There are many tours including Knight Island, Hayloft, Hillside, Aquarium, Dalyan, Kizilada and Calis Beach. You can choose whatever you want, so you get a chance to swim in many bays during the day.

Diving: You can dive in Butterfly Valley. Since the site is in the protected area, you can also come across many sea creatures.

Nature trip / climb: A 100-meter slope climb will be waiting for you after you follow a 900-foot path leading into the valley in Butterfly Valley.

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