Bursa Uludag

Bursa Uludag

Uludag; It is the highest mountain of Marmara. It is located in the northwest-southeast of the Marmara region. Length; It reaches 40 km and 20 km width. The side of Uludağ facing Bursa is straight, and the part facing Orhaneli in the south is bumpy and steeper. In the north of Uludağ, there are highlands, kadi, cherry and stobra plateaus. The highest point of the mountain (kartaltepe) is 2543 m.

There is an important point you should not be deceived when you are going to summit. The hill that you will see as you climb from the hotels area to the area where there are cable cars, is not the summit. It’s a small summit. When you follow the path, you will reach the top. At its highest point is the Turkish flag.

Bursa Uludag was called Olympos Misios or Bithynia Olymp by Homer in ancient times. Trojan wars were watched from this mountain by all ancient gods, especially Apollo. Evliya Çelebi referred to Uludağ as ‘Cebeli Clergy’ in her travel book. The old people also remember Uludağ as monk mountain.

Traces of the glacial period were found in the high parts of Uludağ. Aynaligöl, Karagöl and Kilimligöl, located in the north of Kartaltepe, are important formations formed by glaciers. Immediately after the summit journey, I had camped next to Kilimligöl. Despite the hundreds of places I have visited, I have drunk the most beautiful water I have drunk from the natural source right next to Kilimligöl. It is a frequented area with many visitors.

Located in Turkey and the importance of constituting ‘tungsten’ beds are Uludag. Around; Deposits include mines and mining vessels. Unfortunately, even though these mines are not used actively, the region is a frequented place for treasure hunters.

Uludag, which is the most important place of winter tourism in our country, receives 2-4 meters of snowfall in the winter. It is possible to see snow in high areas even in summer. Thanks to the creek beds of Uludağ, Nilüfer Creek merges with Göksu. Uludağ with its unique view, hotels region, winter tourism and cable car with excellent Bursa view; Turkey is a panoramic winter paradise. It is also one of our mountains, where mountaineers are trekking in summer and winter and many institutions and mountaineering clubs are trained.

Vegetation of Uludag; Between 350-700 m: olive, hazelnut, tar successor, laurel, laden, red pine, shrub – chestnut, big nut, akcakesme, mountain strawberries, redbud, Crete spruce, mulch, thuja oak, thong, hornbeam, deer thistle, cranberry , hawthorn, wild laurel, beech, aspen, larch, black tree- between 700-1000 m: chestnut, larch, wild cranberry, beech, sessile oak, medlar, deer – from 1000-1050 m: beech forests – 1500- Between 2100 m: bearberry, dwarf juniper, blueberry, Uludag fir, larch, shepherd’s currant, staghorn, bearberry, willow, hornbeam, beech, spring star, poppy, wild apple, chicory, yogurt, windmill, musk onion , weevil, etc. It is seen. Stunted juniper after 2100 m – Herbaceous Alpine plants up to 2300 m.

Bursa Uludag, one of the rare riches of our country, is definitely one of our paradises to be visited. Uludag, which is very lively in spring and summer as well as in winter, is a paradise garden that can attract visitors in all seasons.

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