Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle

You will learn everything you wonder about Bodrum Castle in our article. Where is Bodrum Castle? How to Go Bodrum Castle? Bodrum Castle history. Information about Bodrum Castle. Bodrum Castle entrance fee. Bodrum Castle photos.

Bodrum Castle, where you can go over the dark rocks, which are indispensable for romantic nights and watch the Bodrum view, is one of the most important symbols of this district. Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, one of the most important archeology museums of the country, is located within Bodrum Castle.

Bodrum Castle History

There is no clear information about the start and end dates of the construction of Bodrum Castle. Despite this, according to information written in history The knights of Jean started to be built in 1402 and continued to build until 1522.

Bodrum Castle has 5 main towers. The names of these towers are as follows; British, French, German, Italian and Spanish Tower. The English Tower and the Spanish Tower are also known as the Lion Tower and the Serpent Tower, respectively.

Bodrum Castle was attacked by the Russian navy in 1770. Bodrum Castle Sultan II. It was used as a prison in the time of Abdulhamit. The castle was abandoned in 1915 after the French bombing.

Bodrum Castle, conquered by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1522, lost its feature of being used for military purposes.

Bodrum Castle became a Museum in 1964 and in 1979 it was named as the Museum of Underwater Archeology.

Information About Bodrum Castle

The overall appearance of Bodrum Castle, which is covered by the sea on three sides and between the two ports, is similar to the square shape. It is connected to the land from the north side of Bodrum Castle, and it is located at a height of 48 meters above sea level, causing romantic summer nights.

To reach the interior of the castle, you must pass through seven doors. There are 249 badges on the walls of the castle. Today, 16 badges were presented to the exhibition in the museum section. It is not known exactly who it belongs to because of the engravings and paints on the crests.

There are dozens of beauties in this historical building, which was converted into Underwater Archeology Museum in 1979. Turkish Bath, Eastern Roman Ship, Glass Hall, Carian Princess Hall, Jewelery Hall, English Tower and Coin are exhibited in the museum.

There are interesting artifacts in the Torture and Slaughter Rooms in the German Tower.

Today, this castle is used for different purposes. While it is used as an underwater archeology museum, it is used both as a festival area and theater plays.

Bodrum Castle Entrance Fee

The Bodrum Castle entrance fee, which witnesses the romantic nights of Bodrum, which is between the two ports, is 30 TL.

Bodrum Castle Visiting Hours

As in every historical building belonging to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the summer and winter period application is valid in this castle.

Between April and October, the opening time was set at 08:30 and the closing time was set at 18:30. Opened at 08:30 between November and March, this museum closes at 16:30.

The museum is closed between November and March, that is, “Monday” in the winter.

Where is Bodrum Castle and How to Get There?

Bodrum Castle is located in the Bodrum district of Muğla. It is about 125 kilometers away from the city center of Muğla, and 350 meters away from the district center.

You can easily reach this castle with the minibus departing from Bodrum town center. For minibuses, a fee of approximately 5 TL is requested.

Address: Bodrum Castle, Çarşı Mahallesi, Kale Cd., 48400 Bodrum / Muğla

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