Azmak River

Azmak River

You will learn everything you wonder about Azmak river in our article. Where is the Azmak River? How to get to the Azmak river? Information about the Azmak river. Where is Akyaka Azmak River? How to Go Akyaka Azmak?

South of Turkey’s Mugla province at the western end located within the boundaries of Akyaka, at the eastern end of the Gulf of Gokova. Although Akyaka is believed to have been a settlement since ancient times, it remained a small fishing village that remained secluded until recent years. However, it was discovered in the 1970s by large groups of tourists. Nowadays, it is a small town that maintains its calmness compared to many holiday destinations, but is not lacking in hosting tourists.

I knew there were many apart hotels to stay in Akyaka, which I visited many times. But what I did not know was the Gökova Forest Camp, where you can set up your tent and watch a magnificent sea view for a very small fee. But on the first day of my holiday in Akyaka, we got a terrible rain. As the rain started to get more and more aggravated every minute, it started to feel like camping wasn’t such a good idea. It was a must to make a quick decision and open the mouth of the pouch a little. Thus, we settled in Erdem Hotel, one of the most beautiful accommodation facilities of Akyaka. There is very little pleasure in making the right decision. We have confirmed our decision without getting tired of every rain drop that hit the window pit: “What did we do? Stay at the hotel. Camping?

The next morning, meteorology was on our side. The intensity of the rain stopped, and occasionally it was sending only tiny drops to the earth, saying “I can come back, according to him”. Anyone who has a holiday in and around Gökova must have heard about Gökova’s boat tours. I have been on these boat tours in previous years, but Azmak stream, which I have not witnessed its beauty even though I heard its reputation, continued to wait for me in all its glory.

The waters of Azmak Stream, which means “water source” in the folk language, were spring waters from Sakar Hill, the western extension of the Taurus Mountains. Although it is a few meters above sea level, its clarity is extraordinary. Azmak stream, whose water is soda, starts from the east of Akyaka and follows a 2 km track, pours into the sea from Gökova Bay and its depth reaches up to 8 meters.

We decided to rent a small boat to visit Azmak River. As the boat started its journey for about half an hour, the color harmony of nature and the clarity of the water had made me dizzy. You can choose the color of the stones at the bottom of the water, even at a depth of up to 8 meters. As the boat advanced, I continued to watch the ducks, geese and fish living there. It is said that you can even see an otter if you have a chance. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky.

At the point where the water reached the deepest level, our captain stopped the boat. For us to examine the environment a bit more and to swim in water of 7-8 degrees soda if we have the courage. Even if I hesitate a little, 15 minutes of freezing could not prevent me from having this experience. I watched the water from the boat for a while. Then it was time to check the water with my toes. Did I feel such cold water, I do not remember. The smartest thing to do was to surrender and immerse yourself in the water at once. That’s how I did it. It seems as if the nails slowly begin to sink all over your body after the first relief. Having a soda water also feels strange refreshment. This water was also believed to have a rejuvenating and beautifying effect. It is not known if I got beautiful in 15 minutes of swimming, but I am sure that I was thoroughly sober.

After we got out of the water and shivered and wrapped in towels, the boat proceeded smoothly. It is impossible to see Azmak tea from beginning to end and get rid of its effect. After getting off the boat, we should not have been able to get rid of this effect, so we decided to take a walking tour around it. There are many fish restaurants on the creek. I would say try these restaurants if you have the opportunity. At least you will definitely experience a visual feast.

At the end of my Akyaka vacation, I still can’t forget the coldness of Azmak tea, the rain, the friendly employees of Erdem Hotel and the whiting I ate on a small fishing boat on the beach. I remember all this with a smile on my face. If you still have not made your holiday plans, Akyaka is waiting for you with all its natural beauty and calmness.

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