Asiyan Museum – Istanbul

About The Asiyan Museum

Tevfik Fikret, who worked in the field of painting as well as poet and writer, lived in his magnificent house (1915), where he personally drew and built his plan while he was teaching at Robert College (today’s Boğaziçi University). This house, which he called Aşiyan, was bought in 1945 by Istanbul Municipality from his wife Nazime. Eve Literature-ı Cedide Museum was named and opened to public visit. The museum building was restored in accordance with its original by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality between 2010-2012.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality remained true to the memory of Tevfik Fikret, and in 1961, the Eyüp family took its cash in its tomb, and buried it in the garden of the Aşiyan Museum. The name of the museum has been determined as the Aşiyan museum since this date. The museum collections include paintings by Tevfik Fikret, poetry books, belongings of his father Hüseyin Efendi, and some photographs of his son Haluk. There are also photographs of the poet with his friends of literature. The personal belongings of Abdulhak Hamit and his works are exhibited in the museum exhibitions. In this period, the works of Poet Nigar Hanım, who gave remarkable works in our literature, are also included in the museum collections. While the Aşiyan Museum building is very comprehensive and fully restored to its original, the collections in the exhibition have been restored with the same precision. The museum is an important element of our literature memory with its historical documents that it witnesses an important historical process on behalf of Turkish Museology.

Parts Of The Asiyan Museum

EDEBİYAT-I CEDİDE SECTION: It is the room used by Tevfik Fikret as a resting room. In this section, photos of Fikret and his fellow writers are exhibited. The painting of Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem made by the last caliph Abdulmecit Efendi is in this section.

ABDÜLHAK HAMİT TARHAN SECTION: It covers the rooms on the north side of the house. After the death of Abdülhak Hamit, the items donated by his wife to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are exhibited in this area. Photographs of the poet and the sign of Prince Abdulmecit, made in exact dimensions, are included in this section.

WORKING ROOM: It is the section on the upper floor of the building. Tevfik Fikret’s library, self-portrait, writing desk and calligraphy are in this section.

BEDROOM: It is the place where Tevfik Fikret passed away. Face mask taken by Mihri Müşfik Hanım after Tevfik Fikret’s death is one of the most important works in this section.

DINING ROOM: It is the section containing the dinner sets belonging to the family of Tevfik Fikret and still life paintings by the poet.

POET NIGAR HANIM DEPARTMENT: Contains library and archive with the items donated by Salih Keramet Nigar, son of poet Nigâr Hanım, to the museum in 1959.

KITCHEN-LAUNDRY SECTION: The kitchen and laundry room on the ground floor are also designed in separate sections and suitable for that time.

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