Arapapisti Canyon

Arapapisti Canyon

You will learn everything you wonder about Arapapisti Canyon in our article. Where is Arapapisti Canyon? How to Go Arapapisti Canyon? Information about the Arapapisti Canyon. Photos of Arapapisti Canyon. Entrance fee to Arapapisti Canyon. Arapapisti Canyon boat tour. Arapapisti Canyon viewing terrace. Aydın Arapapisti Canyon.

We examine what needs to be known about Arapapisti Canyon, which is located within the borders of Bozdoğan district of Aydın province. Where is Arapapisti Canyon? What should be done? How much are the boat prices in Arapapisti Canyon? You can take a nice trip with your family or friends. They say the hidden beauty or one of them is Arapapisti Canyon. Although Aydın is located within the city limits, Arapapisti Canyon is located at the intersection of Denizli, Aydın and Mugla borders. You can reach Arapapisti by following the signs on the way to Bozdogan district of Aydın. Aydın is about 90 km from the center. Arapapisti Canyon is shown as the 8th Wonder of the World. The region is under protection by declaring the SIT area. The origin of this interesting name is not really known. There are many stories. According to some of them, the Byzantine Empire’s standing against the enemy armies of the Byzantine Empire in their war with the Arab Armies affected the Arabs. In another rumor, it is stated that the Arab apprentice is called to explain the astonishment of the Arabs who see the beauties of the region and the amazement they have fallen. There is also a Persian army version of this story. There are also those who state that applique is among the most used words as an expression of surprise in Aydın. Of course, how accurate this is is unknown. Although the canyon is famous for being Arapapisti, it is also known as Incegiz Canyon. We can say that the Arab apilat canyon is a paradise of nature and ecology. If you look at the shots made with the drone, the magnificent image will affect you and you will definitely want to see the paradise with this view. With various vegetation and bird species, BC. The rock tombs, Roman and Byzantine ruins and caves remaining from the Persian period in the 5th century is among the riches of the canyon.

Boat Tour Can Be Done in Arapapisti Canyon

Arapapisti Canyon in Kemer Dam of Aydın’s Bozdoğan district continues to welcome its visitors with its wonderful beauty. It is 25-30 minutes from Kanyon Bozdoğan district and 1-1.5 hours from the city center by car. You can go to canyon from Izmir in 2.5-3 hours. Visitors to the Arapapisti Canyon, which has become popular and many visitors do not return to Aydın without seeing it, are amazed by the nature with its unique beauty. When you come to Kanyon, you can take a boat from Kemer Pier. Students also have the opportunity to buy discount tickets. Adults can enter the canyon by paying 30 and student 15 TL. Boat tours take about 2 hours. Boats depart at 2-hour intervals. You do not have the opportunity to meet your toilet needs on the boat. For this reason, you can meet your food and beverage needs with the toilet on the pier side. Boat tour service is provided between 8 am and 6 pm in Arapapisti Canyon. When boarding the boat, the authorities also give you a life jacket. In summer, it can be crowded especially at the weekend. The canyon has contact information on the social media pages. Although there is a boat tour throughout the year, experts state that the spring period is more suitable in terms of water level.

Go To The Viewing Terrace!

Do not forget to add Arapapisti Canyon to your list of must-see places to photograph this natural beauty. Rock tombs, magnificent natural beauties, animals living in that region and local vegetation attract attention in Arapapisti Canyon, which is considered as the 8th wonder of the world, 380 meters high, 6 kilometers long, 12 meters channel width. Heron birds and cormorants can accompany you during your boat trip. It is also possible to see mountain goats and different bird species in the vicinity. You can go to the cruise terrace of Arapapisti Canyon for a wonderful view in the canyon.

History of Arapapisti Canyon

Visitors to the Arapapisti Canyon say that they are impressed by the color of the water and feel in Scandinavian countries. In Thailand, Phuket, Krabi or Bond Island, Pi Pi island trips are not lost in the lagoons. One of the strongest figures that create a pleasure of watching here is the rock tombs. These tombs are carved inside the rock emerges in many tourist areas in Turkey. It is said that the stone structures between the rocks are a monastery. According to us, the archaeological potential of this region should be examined and the results should be discussed with those who want to tourism. It is very important for the municipality to bring the Arapapisti Canyon into tourism, but it seems that there is still a lot missing. To eliminate them, universities should definitely be worked. I think you will be more interested in the social media community in the near future, but new products that will support this value must be added.

Tourism city Aydın!

In the Aegean Region, the city of masters, Aydin city, draws attention with its history, culture, natural beauties and tourist districts. Kuşadası and Didim districts of Aydın are the shining stars of tourism for years. Aydın, which has villages and towns that draw attention with their traditions, customs and life styles, has historical sites to visit daily in terms of archaeological values. One of Turkey’s three largest provinces of Izmir, which also neighbors Aydin, Istanbul 930 km, 530 km from Ankara’s. Sea transportation and cruise tourism are provided from the port in Kuşadası. The province of Aydın has a long tourist season due to its favorable climate. Agriculture and gastronomy products are also rich in the city where the Mediterranean climate is dominant. Tour routes covering Aphrodisias and Pamukkale, coastal and ruins, thermal and health tourism facilities, architectural works, museums, traditional crafts, local festivals, camel wrestling, sports tourism, trekking-trekking, horseback nature trips, golf, diving The properties that can be developed tourism such as hunting, water sports, are located in the potential of the city. The Arapapisti Canyon, which was opened to tourism in 2017 by Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, will be one of the destinations that will attract more visitors. This is also important for Aydın’s tourism revenues.


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