Antalya Aquarium

Where is Antalya Aquarium? How to go to Antalya Aquarium? What is the history of Antalya Aquarium? What are the entrance fees for the Antalya Aquarium? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Antalya Aquarium with us. Pleasant readings..

The world’s largest tunnel aquarium Aquarium hosts Antalya, Turkey hosted the most foreign tourists is one of the top five spot. The complex, designed in harmony with the topography, makes visitors feel the feeling of being underwater and gives tremendous pleasure.

Antalya Aquarium, which is the fifth in the world in terms of tank capacity and the second largest in Europe, is located in the Arapsuyu Olbia Canyon in Konyaaltı, Antalya. Built by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the complex houses 40 tanks with a total water volume of approximately 7.5 million liters, tens of thousands of fish and sea creatures, and four aquariums with different marine themes.

Apart from the underwater world, the complex also includes the Snow World and Ice Museum created with natural snow, WildPark, where the world’s most poisonous and most interesting species, a cinema, amphitheater, dining areas and shops that travel the world seas with multi-dimensional technology.

The main design concept of the complex, designed by Bahadır Kul Architecture, was realized with the aim of disappearing in silhouette and creating harmony with topography. The design reverses the ground and submarine level relationship, making visitors feel like they’re on the water.

The ground floor, which characterizes the design of the aquarium and forms the starting, gathering and spreading point, creates a shady area that provides both protection from the sun and wind, by retracting. The canopy in this public space refers to the fluid nature of the water with its wavy design. The shade also forms the information points, dining areas, amphitheater and toll booths by bending and rising.

The aquarium journey starts with a ramp located in the public space and reaching the exhibition area. Each stop on the route, which continues with a wide variety and interesting themes, is designed in accordance with its own theme. The journey ends with the longest aquarium tunnel in the world.

Traveling in the tunnel

The aquarium tunnel in the Antalya Aquarium is 131 meters long and 3 meters wide. The main tank that forms the tunnel contains more than 5 million liters of water.

The first part of the tunnel, which is divided into three parts as a theme, is devoted to tropical reef life. This section is connected to the water cave, where the creatures in the main tank can be watched most closely. The third section, the longest part of the tunnel, hosts interesting sea creatures around the submarine wreck. At the exit of the tunnel is a very impressive part, where sharks and stingrays pass through the visitors.

Underwater Decoration

The interior decoration of the main tank in the aquarium belongs to the world famous Italian sculptor Benedetti. The artist designed and produced the decorations, including the world’s largest coral reef statue, in South Africa. The decors were then brought to Antalya and placed in the aquarium. The most interesting among the sculptures is the exact copy of an Italian fighter jet crashing into the Mediterranean during the Second World War.

Local Resources

Natural resources in the region were used most effectively in the construction of the Antalya Aquarium. The natural environment created with the best water system technologies in the world for sea creatures is provided by drawing water from the sea. In addition, the green roof, which has the feature of insulation in heat transitions, enables natural air conditioning as well as protects and increases biodiversity.

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