Altınköy Open Air Museum – Ankara

Altınköy Open Air Museum

Maybe you were born and raised in the city and wonder how village life is. Perhaps your parents fell from your village to subsistence and got bored from the crowd of the city. You have a village but you cannot visit it very much because it is far away. If you are looking for these pure, natural and clean environments, we recommend Altınköy Open Air Museum, which offers you a completely village environment in the middle of the metropolitan area. In this region, which is a museum, you can enjoy the sound of calmness, calmness and nature.

Definitely but a must visit. Whether you are growing up in a village or a crowded city. Nowadays, you will remember if your age is a little bit past because the events exhibited here are completely lost. Yes, you will say we were doing this.

Information about Altınköy Open Air Museum

There are some traditions and methods still used today in this open-air museum that tells about the village life 100 years ago. You will not be fascinated by the time spent by the exhibitions and events that usually cover the years 1930, 1940, and 1950.

The magical environment starts before it gets inside. The gate of the village has the feature of being a quotation from an Ottoman architecture.

You can see and feel all the structures and more that you can see in an Anatolian village here. I say you can feel it because you can smell it when baking bread in a bakery, you can notice the smell of corn milled in the water mill. It is possible to see the fields and various trees in the region where the village animals are located.

What’s in Altinkoy Open Air Museum?

The gate, mosque, laundromat, school, grocery store, village houses, windmill and water mill, suspension bridge, village coffee house took place in the village. However, this is a living open-air museum. Therefore, the characteristics of the village are not limited to this. There are also sheep, lambs, cows, oxen, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, birds, deers, gazelles, bees, roosters, chickens in this village. There are also wheat fields, vegetables, fruit fields, fruit trees, stables, poultry, horse and ox cart in this village. There are also milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, eggs, flour, bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, lettuce, rocket, purslane, spinach, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, beans in this village. There is farrier, tinner, weaver, blacksmith, miller, village guard, village headman, coffee shop, grocery store, grocery store in this village. There are also items from 100 years ago in this village. There are also rakes, anadut, pitchfork, pestle, shock, pestle, mortar, hand mill, everything, aviary, spindle, chora, winding comb, futun, ear chest, knocker knocker, scraper.

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