Altinbesik Cave

Altinbesik Cave

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Altinbesik Cave is an exquisite natural beauty located in İbradı (Aydınkent) district of Antalya. Since 1994, it has been included in Altinbesik Cave National Park, which is the first and only cave national park of our country. Manavgat Stream is a favorite of nature tourism lovers and nature lovers with its virgin nature around the hiking routes and the park.

Altinbesik Cave, which is a three-storey cave formed by the karstic structure of the Central Taurus Mountains over many years, is the most visited part of the 1,156-hectare national park. It is a must-see national park for those who want to be alone with a beautiful and wild nature, and enjoy the local products and see the villages decorated with magnificent button houses.

For the first time in 1966, Turkey Sepoloj the Founder and Honorary Chairman Dr. He was found by Temucin Aygen while he was doing researches about Oymapinar Dam in the region and got his name from Altinbesik Hill, which is located at the upper part.

It was introduced to the public in 1966-1967 with the first experiments with British and French cavers. Later, Czech, English and Turkish cavers were entered several times for their discovery.

The first 200-meter section forms the lower level since the entrance of this underwater cave every year of the year. The underground streams at the lower and middle levels ensure that the water level remains similar each period.

The 40-meter steep exit at the end of the lower level, which creates a visual feast with its image covered with thick white travertines, is the most impressive point of the cave. The cave waterfall flowing from here according to the season is delicious.

 Outside this cave, which has become an important center for Antalya tourism, karstic landforms and the rich flora that surrounds it also makes the region a worth seeing beauty. In the park, which hosts 19 mammals, 58 birds and 11 reptile animals, two types of fish live in the Manavgat Stream, Mountain and Rainbow.

2018 fee determined for entrance to Altinbesik Cave National Park; normal 6.5 TL, discounted 3 TL. Excursion service within the cave is free of charge. When you get on the boat, you are wearing a life jacket. At the entrance to the cave, there is a cafeteria operated by Anset, an operation of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality.

How to get to Altinbesik Cave

Altinbesik Cave, which is on the list of places to visit in Antalya, is located on the western slope of the deep and steep Manavgat Valley. You can drive up to the door of the cave. It is approximately 11 kilometers between Altinbesik Cave National Park and Ormana Village and can be reached in 20 minutes by car. It takes 2.5 hours if you want to go on foot.

The nearest airport you can use to go to Altinbesik Cave National Park is in Antalya and Alanya Gazipasa. Konya-Antalya highway is used for road transportation to the cave, which is 167 km from Antalya city center. İbradı-Derebucak-Beysehir and İbradı-Manavgat roads are alternative roads that can be preferred for transportation.

 Spend at least one day here to visit the whole Altinbesik Cave National Park, where you can do various activities such as caving, trekking, picnic, photography, wildlife watching and angling, and have a pleasant time.

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