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Among the details that make Alanya the natural beauties that the historical heritage and nature mother offers Alanya are; You can find many places to visit in Alanya from caves to historical castles, beaches to museums.

Home ownership lands that his spectacular geography and natural beauty found between seeing the value destinations in Turkey Alanya, with another name “where the sun smiles”; is located on the southern coast of the country.

Alanya, which is influenced by visitors due to its affiliation to Antalya, attracts attention not only with its sea, sand and beautiful nature, but also with its historical heritage.

Alanya, where you can do cultural tourism and take off the sea holiday, offers you an explored route in terms of places to visit.

Alanya Sightseeing List

If you are ready to be fascinated by the historical richness and natural human beauty of Alanya, which stands out as an indispensable stop for domestic and foreign tourists in the summer months, let’s take a look at the most popular places in Alanya together!

  1. Alanya Castle

This magnificent architecture, built by Alaaddin Keykubat, has 83 towers and is home to both sarcophagi and mosques.

Alanya Castle, which opens its doors for its visitors as an open-air museum today, is one of the important stops that you must add to your trip to Alanya.

  1. Damlatas Cave

Damlataş Cave, which takes the lead in the list of places to visit in Alanya, was formed as a result of an incredible nature formation and thus, it is the center of attention of tourists.

This cave, formed by the accumulation of water leaking from the ceiling as a result of the humid climate of Alanya, is also said to be healing for people who are always at 23 degrees and have breathing problems.

  1. Red Tower

Located in Alanya Harbor, Kizil Kule draws attention with its being built in the harbor in order to act as a shield against any attack that can be done over the sea and another structure built during Alaaddin Keykubat period.

This five-storey tower with an octagonal architecture is designed to spread the sun from the top to every floor.

  1. Dim Cave

Dim Cave, which is covered with plane trees and pine forests, is among the natural beauties that tourists can visit in Alanya with its constant temperature of 18 degrees and open area of 360 meters for visitors.

  1. Phosphorus Cave

The Phosphorus Cave, in which the lights leaking from the sky, has a phosphorous color, has taken its name from this miracle that nature offers him and is witnessing spectacular reflections both day and night. We do not return from Alanya without visiting the Phosphorus Cave, which you can only reach by sea!

  1. Alanya Atatürk House Museum

This house, where the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed during his visits to Alanya, was donated by the owner to the Ministry of Culture and sheds light to the visitors since 1987 as the Atatürk House Museum.

  1. Dim Stream

Dim River, which has become a frequent destination for tourists in the summer months, is cold enough to challenge the heat of Alanya and pours from the Taurus Mountains. This spacious area, where you can also walk around, stands out among the natural beauties of Alanya.

  1. Damlatas Beach

Damlataş Beach, which covers the area where Damlataş Cave is located, allows the rest and cooling of local and foreign tourists coming to Alanya with its unique view and long beach, which also includes Alanya Castle.

  1. Archeology Museum

Alanya Archeology Museum, which displays works and collections based on ancient history from the Lydians to Urartu, from the Phrygian period to the Bronze Age, also hosts historical artifacts extracted from the Alanya region during excavation.

  1. Sapadere Canyon

Among the remarkable details of the unique view that it embraces and the waterfall Sapadere Canyon at the end of the canyon; In the place where the waterfall is poured, a huge boiler, which is a natural pool, is waiting for its visitors.

Click for more information about sapadere canyon.

Sapadere Canyon, where you can also have a chance to cool off while having a holiday in touch with nature, is only one of the natural beauties of Alanya.

  1. Alara Castle

Alara Castle, another historical monument that Aladdin Keykubat has given to Alanya, was built in 1232 and contains many ruins from the palace to the bathhouse, from the rooms to the tunnels. Alara Castle, which fascinates people with its magnificent appearance, is known as the area where caravans harbored in ancient times.

  1. Incekum Beach

This beach, which is called İncekum due to its fine sand, is located between the wooded area and the sea and witnesses a natural landscape.

While people have the opportunity to sunbathe on the silk-like sand of Incekum Beach and cool off in the turquoise sea of Alanya, you should definitely use this opportunity!

  1. Cleopatra Beach

Standing out with its shallowness to an area of approximately 8-10 meters, Cleopatra Beach attracts attention with its golden beach and deep blue sea. This coastline, one of the beaches of Alanya with a blue flag, takes its name from Cleopatra, the queen of the Hellenistic period.

  1. Alanya Harbor

Alanya Harbor is famous for its seaside restaurants where you can drink coffee and eat, and also hosts bars that will add movement to your nights.

  1. Observation Terrace

The Observation Terrace is 650 meters high and 4 km from Alanya city center, allowing you to fully enjoy the picturesque Alanya view where the deep blue sea is mixed with lush wooded areas.

A fountain made with tiles and a tea garden where you can sip tea against the view are waiting for you in the Seyir Terrace, where you can see a very wide area from Alanya Castle to the Red Tower, Cleopatra Beach to the Alanya Peninsula in a single square.

In order to witness this unique view at least once in your life, you need to have the Observation Terrace on your list of places to visit in Alanya.

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