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Adrasan was connected to Kumluca district of Antalya and became a town in 1996. It has an interesting bay surrounded by pine trees. In the past years when wind power was dominant, sailboats could not enter this bay and carried their traces of civilization to the ports of Olympos, Phaselis and Antalya.

Adrasan name comes from Greek. The ground of the bay, which has its back on Beydağları, sand and the shallow environment of the sea, is full of interesting natural beauties that are not roads. For those who are keen on water sports, it is a unique track. In the region with high sea water temperature and long season, especially clear and having an underwater view distance of about 29 meters, it creates sufficient conditions for seamen and underwater photographers.

Adrasan’s closed bay has a wide and long beach. There is a possibility to swim all over the sea. Eliğ, which is connected to Musa Mountain across the bay, attracts attention with its silhouette resembling a camel with a collapsed hill. At the beginning of the bay, there is the Markiz Hill.

In-forest heights from both sides of Adrasan bay show beauties that will provide an idea about how aesthetic the sheep is. For those who are interested in environmental excursions, the ancient city of Olympos, Yanartaş on the mythological mountain with its never-ending fire, is the closest sightseeing places. Çıralı, Kaş, Demre, Myra, Patara, Xantos, Phaselis and Antalya may be other frequent destinations.

In the long summer season of Adrasan, holidaymakers staying in the shade of monumental plane trees spend most of the time in the garden, terrace and Adrasan’s famous beach and sea. The left head of the sheep is known as Dere Mevkii along the 2 km beach of Adrasan in the Kumluca district. The spring water originating from Tahtalı Mountains also includes fish such as sea bass and mullet. The right head of the bay draws attention as the dense section where hotels have hostels and even the second street opens. There are trekking areas for those interested in the environment and walking.

Among the activities organized in Adrasan, there are boat tours, fishing tours and diving tours to visit the bays. Students enrolled in the diving school and those who come on holiday can take diving courses. Every day, group dives are held in Üç Adalar locality, Pırasalı island and Sulu island locality at 25-30 meters and students get their diving certificates at the end of the course.

People who have never dived before can take a diver badge in a 5-6 day course and open it to life on a brand new page. Fishing tours are organized regularly in Adrasan. Amateur fishermen can catch big fish with fishing rod in fishing tours they participate with Deepfishing organizations.

It is possible to see Oturak Bay, which preserves its charm with its beach and beach, which is known as the most calm shelter place even in the harshest moment of the sea between Mavikent and Gelidonya. Those who encounter Karaöz Quarter near Oturak Bay are entering another private bay with daily picnic areas adorned by nearly 200 villas known as the place of Ankara residents. Following Karaöz, the bay named Papaz Pier serves as another daily picnic area under the shade of pine trees. On the other hand, it promises 25 km of beach forward, which reaches to Finike in Mavikent, the largest coastal strip of Antalya, where there are also oba.

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